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Insurance Agent

Tim began his insurance career in October 2017, but placed that career on hold until July 2019 in order to fulfill military obligations.

As in the military, Tim loves the idea of continuing to work behind the scenes in order to protect those at home. Whether it’s your home, auto, or other insurance needs, you can be confident Tim will protect you with the same level of care and attention he’s been trained to provide.


Tim is a gifted teacher who prides himself in knowledge, integrity, and efficiency. If he can’t help improve your situation, he’ll quickly let you know. Tim understands the culture of today and willingly offers himself to countless people wherever he goes. “It’s all about relationship and trust; if you don’t establish relationships first, you can’t succeed in business. Insurance is so much more than just numbers; you’re dealing with the financial security of hard-working families and the legacies they’re trying so hard to build.”

So come experience the difference!  Tim’s consistent message is a refreshing change of pace in an always-changing culture.


Tim joined the Tennessee Army National Guard in December 2015 and applies the same principles he learned there to craft his business model on a foundation of loyalty, protection & service.

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